PhiBrows SUPER Pigments

The purest microblading and permanent make-up pigment ever!

What Exactly Does That Mean?

PhiBrows SUPER pigments set completely new standards not only in the field of microblading and permanent make-up, but also in the field of tattoos.

Every pigment applied to the skin remains in the organism forever. That is why it is important to offer the highest quality for each customer. The biggest challenge in developing: Particles of the pigment were recognised by the organism as foreign bodies.

PhiBrows' vision was to produce extremely clean and stable colours. They achieved exactly that!

What is bioinert coating?

Every pigment particle is coated in a bioinert material, which prevents the release of any toxic substance from the material it coats. This ensures that there is absolutely no negative interaction between the pigment and the tissue.

What are the advantages?

The purity of these pigments enable faster healing and extreme stability. Even more important: It ensures health and safety of my clients!

5 Generation of PhiBrow Pigments

A lot of beginner artists/clients get confused by the names of the PhiBrows pigment lines, but the explanation is simple - The longer the name, the more advanced the formula.

It’s important to note that, while the SUPER formula is truly the most advanced one, which is why it’s so universally beloved, the Academy is working on making it even better. So we can expect further improvements in the years to come.

Phibrows Golden Brown SUPER Pigment

This is the lightest pigment in the Phi colour palette. It is used on people with extremely light natural hair, eyebrows and skin tone. PhiBrows Golden Brown pigment is mainly used in Scandinavian countries, Germany and Russia.

This pigment is also used on elderly people with mature skin (golden brown or maximum brown 1), as in such skin types the colour will be slightly stronger after the result.

Phibrows Fox SUPER Pigment

The Fox pigment is used on people with light skin and naturally red pigments.

Phibrows Brown 1 SUPER Pigment

For clients with naturally blonde hair and light skin, PhiBrows Brown 1 pigment is used.

Phibrows Brown 2 SUPER Pigment

PhiBrows Brown 2 pigment is mostly used on naturally brunette clients with light skin.

Phibrows Brown 3 SUPER Pigment

This pigment is used for people with dark hair and a slightly darker skin tone.

Phibrows Black SUPER Pigment

Black pigment is only used for people with very dark skin colour and black hair. This pigment is used on clients where Brown 3 would not be visible.