Lip Blush After Care


1. Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching the tattooed area.
2. For the first 6 hours use cotton pads soaked in a gentle cleanser (eg. green soap) to cleanse and soothe the area, allowing the wound to close naturally in a clean environment and avoid any lymph drying.
3. If needed you can use a cold compress or ice pack to the area to reduce swelling during the first 72 hours. Be sure to move the ice pack around, not leaving it too long in one area to avoid frostbite.
4. Drink through a straw for the first few days.
5. If you suffer with cold sores you can use cold cream like Zovirax on the effected area but would prefer oral medication.


1. Use your aftercare ointment gloss as much as you like, keeping the lips hydrated.


- Water on the lips, aside from cleaning them.
- Wiping/licking lips
- Toothpaste sitting on the lips, especially in the middle
- Make up
- Excessive sweating
- Sauna
- Pools
- Sunbathing/Tanning beds
- Kissing
- Vaping if possible
- Citrus fruits, juices, spicy foods during the healing process


The following are only guidelines regarding what to expect during the initial stages of your permanent makeup healing and stabilising period. Remember that everyone heals at a different rate, and individual skin tones and ability to absorb pigment can vary greatly. Some of the most common things you can expect after a permanent make up procedure are:

- Tenderness in the area
- Pink or redness around the affected area
- Swelling
- Thickening and darkening of the area
- Scabbing 3-4 days after the procedure
- Flaking of the scabs anytime between days 5-10
- After scabs flake off, pigment colour will be lighter and can fade up to 50%
- After area is fully healed (4 weeks after procedure) the pigment will become its true colour.

DAY 1: Swelling, tender, heavy thick lipstick-look with a reddish brick colour effect may look uneven from swelling.
DAY 2: Swelling, tender, reddish colour continues.
DAY 3: Less swelling, thicker texture, sore, hot feeling before exfoliation.
DAY 4: Exfoliation begins, very chapped lips.
DAY 5: Very chapped, but almost finished with the first chapping stage. Remember DO NOT PICK!
DAY 6: A very soft, rich colour may begin to appear.
DAY 7-13: Lip colour disappears, ‘frosty’ (2nd chapping stage) begins as a whitish/greyish haze on the lips.
DAY 14: Colour blooms from within, more and more colour will show each day.
DAY 30: Healing should be complete! The colour you see is the colour you have. Your lips will remain a bit dry for a month or two, so use a good lip balm with SPF 30 and they will return to normal but with full colour.

If necessary, an appointment for a touch up procedure may be made within 3 months. No touch ups or additional tattooing can be done prior to 6 weeks.

Lash Extensions Aftercare

1. Do not get lashes wet for 24-48 hours.
2. Avoid rubbing eyes and keeping on lashes.
3. Keep clean and oil free.
4. Brush lashes gently every day with mascara wand.
5. Use only water-based make up and make up remover (not oil-based).
6. See a professional lash technician to have your extensions removed and do not pick them.

Lash Lifts & Brow Lamination Aftercare

1. Do not get wet for 24 hours.
2. Avoid make up for 24 hours.
3. Use caster oil if lashes or brow hairs feel dry. This can also help encourage lash/hair growth.