Microblading Pre-Care

1. Do not drink caffeine, alcohol or energy drinks 24 hours before treatment. This is to minimise any bleeding and swelling.
2. Do not take blood thinners such as Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Ibuprofen, fish oil (omega 3) or vitamins 48 hours before treatment.
3. No waxing 2-3 days before treatment.
4. Do not sun tan or have intense sun exposure 3 days before treatment.
5. If you use local retinoid products, these must be at least 3 days before treatment.
6. Botox and fillers on the forehead, temple, and eye area should be avoided 4 weeks before treatment.
7. No chemical peels and laser peels, dermabrasion or any other intense treatments preferably 2 months before treatment.
8. If you have used Roacuttane to treat acne, treatment may be performed 6 months after the completion of therapy.