Lip Blush Pre-Care

1. No antibiotics are to be taken 2 months before.
2. No medical peels, dermabrasions, mesobheraphy, or any other intense treatments which cause faster skin cell rejuvenating and skin irritation 3-4 weeks before.
3. No filler or injections around the area at least 4 weeks before/after.
4. Discontinue vitamin A products (Retinol-A, Retinols), Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) or any skin care products that encourage exfoliation 2 weeks before.
5. If you have any skin conditions, you are required to have a letter from your doctor saying it is ok to proceed with lip blush tattooing.
6. Exfoliate your lips twice a week. We recommend using sugar and honey/coconut oil as a natural exfoliant.
7. Please make sure your lips are hydrated by using lip balm every day at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment. Dry/flakey lips cannot be worked on.
8. No laser or electrolysis on or around the area 1 week before.
9. As a necessary precaution, we require clients who have a history of cold sores (even just 1) to take an anti-viral medication such as Zovirax starting at least 5 days before the appointment and must continue to take it until the healing process has completed. To obtain a prescription, please contact a doctor or dentist. A lip blush procedure can likely cause an outbreak if you do not take an antiviral medication prior it could affect the final result. The procedure will not proceed during an outbreak of cold sores.
10. Avoid all blood thinners; Aspirin, ibuprofen, caffeine, smoking, alcohol, soda, Niacin, vitamin E, Advil, Fish Oil etc 48 - 72 hours before.
13. Plan trips/events a minimum of 1 week after the procedure.
14. Avoid exercising the day of the procedure.
15. Please eat before your appointment to regulate blood sugars.

Failure to follow the Pre-Care instructions may affect the outcome of your final results.